Thursday, January 7, 2016

Out of Uniform Days Explained

Dress Down for $1 Days - Most Fridays, students may wear any school appropriate clothing if they choose to pay the $1 dress down fee. This money goes to the student activity account to help pay for things such as buses for field trips or supplies for extra classroom activities. If you do not wish to pay the $1, you may wear your uniform to school on Fridays.

Panther Pride Days - On the first day of each month, those students who did not receive a written discipline referral, that means a BIF or a Conduct Card, in the previous month may come to wearing school colors - red, black and silver or gray. It is not a free dress day, but a school colors day. Save your pink, purples oranges and greens for free dress day!

Spirit Days - On the last Friday of each month we have a Spirit Day. On these days, there is no charge to come out of uniform. There is a monthly theme for dressing down. These days are meant to be fun for students and provide relief from the daily uniform requirements.