Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lunch, Recess and Special Times by Grade Level

If you'd like a quick list of when your student will be having lunch, recess, or their support class each week, here is a list of those times.  For information on which support class your student has each day, check with your classroom teacher.

9:00-9:50  4th/5th Grade Spanish
9:55-10:45  3rd  grade Spanish/All French
10:50-11:40  Kindergarten
12:25-1:15  1st Grade
1:20-2:10  2nd Grade

10:50-11:20/11:20-11:50  1st Grade
11:00-11:30/11:30-12:00  5th Grade and 4/5 French
11:25-11:55/11:55-12:25  2nd Grade
11:35-12:05/12:05-12:35  3rd Grade/2-3 French
12:10-12:40/12:40-1:10  Kindergarten
12:20-12:50/12:50-1:20  4th Grade
12:55-1:25  Middle School